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How good or bad is it to have a relationship with a Leo woman? Does she dominate over men from the 12 zodiac signs? Or do they have a compatible friendship.

Ignorant of Ptolemy's Tetrabiblos. Numerous editions. Compilation on the time of life, the climacteric years, and the cycles of the great year. Petersburg, Russian Imperial Academy of Sciences, Firmicus, against Pagan cults. The text can be viewed on Scribd and the file downloaded after subscription. Manetho's Apotelesmaticorum. Final redaction after See after Maximos Peri Katarche.

Manetho Hephaistio of Thebes fl. Several reprints. We have yet to learn why supposed "astrolatry" interested Ptolemy, and Cardano, Kepler or Campanella some fifteen centuries later Translated by David Pingree in his excellent critical edition of Third volume is not yet available.

A typical model of ancient "matricial repartitions". Chidambaram Aiyar, 2nd rev. Mantreswara Phala Deepika Transl. Kapoor, New Delhi 13th c.? The book is attributed to Shri Mantreswara.

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For the content of these treatises, see David Juste notice. See in the second part : "De Eris intervallis regnorum et gentium", "De era persarum", "De revolutionibus annorum", "De aequatione duodecim domorum coeli" At the end f. Spanish translation by Demetrio Santos : "Sobre las natividades" Barcelona, See David Juste notice.

CMU Introd. Spanish translation by Demetrio Santos Barcelona, Richard Roussat, Paris, Denis Janot, Xth century Hebrew popular manual astrology, numerology and physiognomony. Incomplete copy with manuscript notes. Translated by John of Seville. The portraits for Mercury and Moon complexions are significative of the Jewish inversion of the original Babylonian significations.

A person who is born under the moon will be a man who suffers illness, building up and tearing down Latin manuscript translation. The Tables have been written around On Indian astrology and related subjects, see chap. Spanish translation by Demetrio Santos Madrid, Miami University, Internet version of the doctoral thesis of Lester Ness. Hasan b.

Tzvi Langermann. For an English translation of this text, see Paola Zambelli : "The Speculum astronomiae and its enigma: astrology, theology, and science in Albertus Magnus and his contemporaries" Dordrecht, Kluwer Academic, BSB Clm , [S. Prag , Carmody , p.

Incipit : "Dex [Dieu] qui fist toutes creatures", explicit : "et jasoit que li Toreaus fust alez en meson estrange en One of the most beautifully illustrated incunabula. Francis Carmody has edited in the three first books of a French manuscript translation before : "Li compilacions de le science des estoilles". Translated by Robert Hand books in , and by Benjamin Dykes books in The choice aphorisms from Cardanus are not included in this copy. A facsimile of the edition of , has been published in Washington American Federation of Astrologers, then in London Regulus, with different pagination.

Word copy of the translation in A history of astronomy and astrology, and a rather precious catalogue.

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Inescapable reference book of which there is a light version. First catalogue entirely dedicated to astrological works : from Abdylaziz Alcabitius to ps. Google PNG Gardner. Manuel bibliographique des sciences psychiques ou occultes Paris, Lucien Dorbon, , vols Planetary, Lunar and Solar Positions B. New and Full Moons B. Google PNG Welther. These collections although containing many references other than astrological , might be useful : they include 15th century incunabula and 16th century books in all fields published in outstanding printing centers Lyons and Paris, Venice, Rome and Padua , and others.

Cantamessa's bibliography, the most complete on astrology, has been greatly improved and is now online : Bibliografia di opere stampate tra il e il di astrologia e che di astrologia trattano , refs. Cantamessa Bibliografia. Thorndike's doctoral thesis. A history of magic and experimental science New York, Columbia University Press, , 8 vols. Although it includes other material, this colossal study remains the best one ever concerning the history of astrology. On astrology, see mainly vol. Google PNG Wedel. Origine de tous les cultes, ou Religion universelle [Paris, , 3 vols.

Famous theory : the origins of cults and religions are celestial. Gallica PDF Dupuis. Gallica PDF Dupuis Compendium on the origins of star names.

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Google PNG Knappich. Google PNG Gleadow. See my concise review in French : here. Google PNG Tester. Google PNG James. Gallica PDF Baudouin. On Lunar observatories in Megalithic Europe. Google PDF Thom A synthesis of ancient Egyptian astronomical knowledge. Google PNG Clagett. Gallica PDF Oppert. Akkadian Genesis. The famous Babylonian astronomical compilation, and the earliest surviving catalogue of constellations. Only 30 pages of Van der Waerden's master work on ancient astrology despite of the title are available on Google Books.

Google PNG Bartel. Google PNG Erica. Mesopotamian Astrology. Google PNG Francesca1. Google PNG Pingree Google PNG Swerdlow. University of Toronto, Important doctoral thesis on the Parapegmata, "texts and instruments used for tracking cyclical phenomena" in Babylon, Greece, Egypt, Rome, etc , essentially for astrometeorological purposes.

Google PNG Francesca2. Compendium of articles on Babylonian astrology from to , reviewed by Lorenzo Verderame of Roma in Aestimatio 8, Google PNG Francesca3. A colossal work : the first modern complete essay on history of Chinese astronomy and astrology, initially published in the journal T'oung pao series 2, vols between and parts A to G1 and G2 to I. About the origin of Hindu Nakshatras and Chinese Siu. Only seven unuseful pages on astrology hsing ming : "it has hardly been investigated at all by modern historians of science. Pacing the void. Google PDF Schafer.

A concise comparative study between ancient Chinese and Babylonian astronomies and astrologies : "Some of the earliest preserved Chinese writing deals with divination and corresponding celestial phenomena Autoritative dictionary including various articles on Ancient astrology : among them, Franz Cumont's article on Zodiacus. Cannot be ignored for the study of Greek astrology. The reference book on Greek horoscopes. Astronomical Papyri from Oxyrhynchus: P. Latin version and comments. Greek text, German translation, introduction in Latin.

Wilbourhall PDF Geminos. With Latin text. Gallica PDF Fastes. Astronomica [or] Astronomicon Venice, [Bernardinus Venetus], [c. Astronomicon ; Castigationes et notae in M. Versified translation of the first book of Astronomicon, with an essay on the origin and progress of astronomy, a precious catalogue of the most eminent astronomers [i. Google PDF Sherburne. Google PDF b. Reading the human body. A study of two fragmentary manuscripts Hebrew manuscript 4Q and Aramaic manuscript 4Q The first edition of the Tetrabiblos, translated by Plato of Tivoli.

The edition includes the Almagest and the interpretation by Georgius Valla of Proclus's commentary the Hypotyposis astronomicarum positionum , the Quadripartitum, the ps-Ptolemy's Centiloquium, and the Inerrantium stellarum significationes, translated in Latin by Nicolaus Leonicus.

Tetrabiblos English translation from the Greek paraphrase of Proclus by J. Ashmand, London, Davis and Dickson, []. Teubnerian Greek edition of the Karpos comments in Latin. The article illustrates finely the differences between research and popular astrology, although Ptolemy was not a real investigator in this aera but more probably a rather good compilator. Another edition by Pingree : Leipzig, Teubner, Entire and useful translation of Valens' Anthologiae, completed in the 's, and based on Kroll's and Pingree's editions. Sacramento PDF Riley.

Gellius gives the Latin text and translates the argumentation of Favorinus d'Arles c. Gallica PDF Gellius. A skeptical philosophical treatise against all arts, sciences and techniques. De die natali Bologna, Benedictus Hector, [and] Venice, ca. Written in A. Editio princeps, edited by Antonius Laurus The first English translation : a questionable one after his Doct. Scribd PDF Bram. Compilation by several authors during the first three centuries AD. Another edition by David Pingree : Leipzig, Teubner, , 2 vols. The edition gives the Greek text and a Latin translation of Proclus commentary of the Tetrabiblos, Porphyry comments on Ptolemy's astrology, and the De revolutionibus nativitatum of "Hermes".

Internet archive PDF Mensibus.

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Lydus Greek text on divination and presages is edited with Greek calendars including Ptolemy's 'Apparitions of the Fixed Stars'. Internet archive PDF Lydus. Google PNG Rhetorius. These chapters of "L'astrologie grecque" have been separately published in in the "Revue d'Histoire des Religions" and in the "Revue Historique". The first edition of the most famous essay on Greek astrology. Putnam's Sons, Astrology as astrolatry : sociologically oriented but not really comprehensive.

Scribd JPG Laistner. A rather good review of the subject : "Hellenistic and Late Antiquity astrologers built their craft upon Babylonian and to a lesser extent Egyptian astrological traditions, and developed their theoretical and technical doctrines using a combination of Stoic, Middle Platonic and Neopythagorean thought. HTML Lawrence. Did the division of the year by the Babylonians into twelve months lead to the adoption of an equal twelve-sign zodiac in Hellenistic astrology?

Astrozero PDF Mitchell. I Paranatellonta nella letteratura astrologica antica di lingua greca [The Paranatellonta in ancient Greek astrological literature] Genova, ; English translation, A concise history of the Paranatellonta the stars rising together in Greek literature Teukros, Valens, etc. The earliest known astrological text in Sanskrit AD : a translation by a Yavanesvara "Lord of the Greeks" in AD, of a Greek text that might have been written ca.

The Chinese zodiac, explained ShaoLan "A quarter of the world's population cares a lot about the Chinese zodiac. Even if you don't believe in it, you'd be wise to know how it works, says technologist and entrepreneur ShaoLan Hseuh. In this fun, informative talk, ShaoLan shares some tips for understanding the ancient tradition and describes how it's believed to influence your personality, career, marriage prospects and how you'll do in a given year.

What does your sign say about you? Unavailable davidbakerspiritmedium.

Professor Trelauney predicts Harry's death Against Chinese calendars larrydavidson. Vocabulary : Your sign and your career astrojyoti. Chinese Signs chinese. The Chinese zodiac kkdiscount.